In 2000, a group of knitters decided to share their love of knitting with others by starting a knitting guild in Lancaster County.

The Red Rows Knitting Guild was established as a non-profit organization. It is also a registered member of the Knitting Guild Association.

The Guild's mission is to bring together knitters of all experience levels to explore their craft and share their talents.

One way the Guild shares its talents is by knitting for various charities. Guild members are welcome, but not required, to knit for charity.

Each year, the Guild knits about 300 items for charity, using some yarn that has been donated to the Guild by organizations and individuals.

Guild members knit hats for premature babies; caps for chemotherapy patients; prayer shawls for those facing difficulties; socks for orphans; and scarves, hats and gloves for sailors. The Guild also knits and collects various items for Native Americans.

Knitting for charity is a great way to share your talent with those in need. However, Guild members are not required to knit for charity.

Charity Knitting Patterns
Basic Knit Hat
Basic Mitten
Chemo Caps
Easy Caps for Kids

The Red Rows Knitting Guild meets the first Tuesday of every month at St. Matthew Lutheran Church located at 700 Pleasure Rd. in Lancaster. Meetings begin at 7 p.m.

Each meeting has a different theme, but all meetings provide an opportunity for Guild members to socialize and share.

In addition to the monthly Guild meetings, the Guild also hosts monthly socials. Each month, a social is held at the home of a different Guild member, who volunteers to be that month’s host.

These potluck socials provide an excellent opportunity for members to get to know one another, share a meal, and work on projects.

Throughout the year, the Guild coordinates events and trips to various knitting destinations.

Annual Guild events include a summer picnic, winter Holiday tea, and Beginner Knitting Workshop.

The Guild also organizes field trips to several destinations, including Stitches East, Knitters' Day Out in Harrisburg, PA, and The Mannings' Knit-In in East Berlin, PA.

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Our 2008 Auction

Knitters of all skill levels are welcome to join the Red Rows Knitting Guild.

The annual membership fee is $20. This includes a subscription to the Guild’s monthly newsletter.

CLICK HERE for a membership application or contact us at

Being a member of the Red Rows Knitting Guild provides many wonderful benefits.

Guild members can:

  • Make new friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Enjoy free copies of patterns from the Guild’s pattern archives
  • Borrow books and instructional videos from the Guild’s growing library
  • Participate in socials, events, and field trips
  • Use the Guild's ball winder and swift
  • Have fun!

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